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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Hammer World Editor

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J.A.C.K Level Editor

Throughout the map development journey, I have gathered and honed many skills across several domains. As seen in the progressive quality improvements of the maps, my proficiency in these areas has deepened and matured over time. These include:

  • Design & Development: The intricate and iterative process of designing and developing maps, starting from conceptualizing gameplay mechanics to implementing aesthetic elements, was learnt in depth.
  • 3D Modelling & Texturing: Skills in 3D modelling and texturing were enhanced, not only involving creating aesthetically pleasing environments but also optimising for gameplay and performance.
  • Problem-Solving: Working on each map was similar to solving a complex puzzle, requiring a combination of creative and technical thinking to produce a well-balanced, optimised, yet visually appealing map.
  • Project Management: Each map was a project in itself, requiring careful planning, time management, and resource allocation.
  • User Feedback & Recognition: I’ve proactively responded to feedback and comments from players, making adjustments and improvements where necessary. My work has also been recognised through various awards and accolades.
  • Future Plans: With the upcoming Counter-Strike 2, based on the Source 2 engine, all maps are planned to utilise the newer lighting, textures, physics engine, and other features.

Aim Nabilat

Confluence of Aesthetics and Action

Aim Nabilat, a remake of a Counter-Strike 1.6 map from scratch, is carefully crafted for optimal gameplay and visual experience. The map is set on a snowy, mountainous landscape, enveloping players in a cold, immersive environment with a shade of sunlight. Utilising high-resolution textures, a detailed 3D skybox blended with the 2D skybox, thorough clipping, and various other aesthetic enhancements, Aim Nabilat not only satisfies visual expectations but also maintains the integrity of the gameplay parameters.

De Townhouse

Fast-Paced Gameplay in a Unique Setting

Situated amidst a quaint community, De Townhouse stands as a contemporary two-storey townhouse, characterised by its location and appearance. Encircled by a vibrant tapestry of residential buildings, palm trees, industrial machinery, as well as public transport and additional greenery, it offers a distinctively immersive and real-world-like environment.

De Townhouse distinguishes itself, given the scarcity of similar maps available, providing a significantly divergent gameplay experience. Its key characteristic of offering fast-paced gameplay, coupled with its visual appeal has contributed significantly to its success, further accentuated by the aesthetically pleasing surroundings beyond the playable area.

A range of optimization techniques, including prop fading, use of skip brushes, replacement of brushes with models, and more, are used to achieve an optimal equilibrium between visual aesthetics and performance.

Aim Awp 3 (CS: 1.6 Port)

Relive the Legacy on Lunar Landscapes

Aim Awp 3, originally designed by METAL_SLUG for Counter-Strike 1.6, has been ported to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, carrying its distinctive legacy into the newer platform. Set on the novel backdrop of the Moon from where the Earth is visible, this map utilises enhanced textures and props that amplify the visual experience, while preserving the map’s original essence.

This specific map port was requested by a Reddit user and diligently fulfils the need for a faithful representation, rather than a full remake. The porting process was guided by insightful YouTube tutorial videos (specifically 3kliksphilips) and map-making forums.

De Brick

Rapid Rounds, Lasting Memories

De Brick is a compact, full-defuse map designed for swift and engaging gameplay demanding rapid strategic decisions. The distinctive petite form factor accentuates the essence of teamwork and significant tactical acumen. De Brick is characterized by short round times that lead to memorable experiences, making every encounter engaging.

Short Defuse

Quick Dip in Downpour

Short Defuse is a compact map tailored for quick, engaging matches, ideal for friendly competitions. It possesses a distinct atmospheric ambience, characterized by a rainfall theme under brooding dark clouds, enhanced with a shade of sunlight. This unique blend presents players with an immersive environment offering highly fast-paced gameplay.