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About Me


With a Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Sheffield, I’ve broadened my expertise into Robotics during my Master’s program. This progression has enhanced my skills in machine learning, autonomous systems, and soft robotics, fueling my passion for solving complex engineering challenges.

Master of Science (MSc) - Honours


The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

September 2023 - September 2024

Robot Ethics, Mathematics for Robotics, Systems Modelling & Simulation, Control Systems Analysis & Design, Programming in MATLAB & C++

Adaptive Control Strategies & Programming for e-puck2 Robot Obstacle Avoidance & Tracking

Safety in Robotics, Kinematics (Forward, Inverse, Differential, & Inverse Differential), Closed Kinematics Lab (Pantograph Robot Lab), Dynamics (Advanced & Trajectory Planning), Robot Operating System (ROS) + Mover6 Lab (RVIZ, ROS, MATLAB Robot Systems Toolbox, CProg), Sensors & Actuators in Robotics

Mechatronic Components, Sensors, Microcontrollers, Actuators, Fabrication (Circuits), Wheeled Systems Control, Labs (Mechanical & Electronics Design, Design, Fabrication, Assembly, & Control)

The Robot Challenge – Autonomous Mecanum-Wheeled Robot for Precision Navigation and Drawing

Scikit-learn, Jupyter, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN), Perceptron Algorithm, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLSDA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Neural Networks, Basis Functions, K-Means Clustering, Regularisation, Cross Validation, Time Series Data

kNN, LR, SVM, & PLSDA Models to Corss Validate & Predict Biodegradibility of Chemicals from Quantitative-Structure-Activity Relations (QSAR) Data

Machine Learning Fundamentals, Deep Feedforward Networks, Optimisation & Regularisation Techniques, Convolutional Netwrokds for Computer VIsion, Hyperarameter Tuning, RNN & Gated-RNN, NLP with RNNs, Transformer Architectures, Deep Reinforcement Learning (DQN & PPO Techniques), GANs, Tensorflow, PyTorch

Designing, Implementing, & Evaluating ASR Model using Deep Learning Methods

Pixel Operations in Images, Morphological & Geometric Operations, Image Restoration & Optical Flow Methods, Machine Vision for Autonomous Object Detection, Image Segmentation Techniques, Object Tracking in Video, Image Registration & Fusion, Advanced Feature Transform & Image Classification, Visial Feature Descriptors & Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Learning Applications in Machine Vision (Semantic Segmentation & Object Detection), Machine Vision for AR & VR

Part I (Multisensor):

Probability Theory & Dynamical Systems, Sensor Signal/State Estimaion Techniques (Classical & Bayesian Estimation, Sequential Estiamtion, Kalman & EK Filters), Detection Methods (Statistical Decision Theory, Change Detection Techniques – Mean, Variance, CUSUM Test), Sensor Fusion for Dynamical Systems

Integrating GPS, IMU, & Air-Data Systems for Accurate Aircraft State Estimation & Fault Detection

Part II (Decision):

Decision Systems for Engineering Design, Sampling Plans, Multi-Objective Optimisation Techniques (Evolutionary Algorithms, Pareto-Based & Decomposition Methods)

Optimising PI Controller Settings for Electric Vehicles Using NSGA-II Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm

Swarm Robotics, Networked Robotics, Planning Algorithms for Robotics (Sequential Decision Making, Path Planning & Trajectory Navigation), Sensing & Estimation (Sensor Data Fusion, State Estimation Techniques), Biologically Inspired Robotics (Evolutionary Algorithms & Swarm Intelligence), ROS, Gazebo

TurtleBot3 Autonomous Arena Navigation & Exploration

Investigative Project (Thesis): Multimodal Emotion and Physiological State Recognition for Humanoid Robots 

Maths Mentor at the Faculty of Engineering

Overall Grade:

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) - Honours

Mechanical Engineering

The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

September 2020 - June 2023

Academic Highlights
  • Mechanics of Deformable Solids: 86%
  • Mathematics for Engineering Modelling: 80%
  • Design of Structures, Machines, and Systems: 80%
  • Fluids Engineering: 79%
  • Matter, FLow, and Energy: 79%
  • Electric Circuits: 78%
  • Essential Mathematical Skills & Techniques
  • Mathematics for Engineering Modelling
  • Computational & Numerical Methods
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Engineering Techniques & Manufacturing Technology
  • Design of Engineering Components
  • Design of Structures, Machines, & Systems
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Deformable Solids
  • Materials Under Stress
  • Materials Processing
Thermal and Fluids Engineering
  • Matter, Flow, & Energy
  • Fluids Engineering
  • Heat Transfer
  • Advanced Engineering Thermodynamic Cycles
  • Electric Circuits
  • Control Engineering for Mechanical Engineers
  • Robotic Systems
  • Managing Engineering Projects & Teams
  • The Professional Responsibility of Engineers
  • Global Engineering Challenge (GEC) 2021
  • Engineering You’re Hired (EYH) 2022
  • Sustainaibility Skills and Education Programme (SusSEd), 2020 – 2021

Investigative Project (Thesis): Verification of Bone Strength Pipeline in Abaqus

Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE): Affiliate Member, September 2021 – Present

Overall Grade: 2.1

A Levels

GEMS FirstPoint School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

September 2018 - June 2020


Deira International School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

September 2016 - June 2018

  • Business Studies
  • Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award)
  • Design and Technology LED Wood, Concrete, and Acrylic Lamp
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • First Language English
  • Literature (English)
  • Arabic

1st and 2nd Year Engineering Students

Maths Mentor

Faculty of Engineering, The University of Sheffield

January 2024 - June 2024 (5 Months)

  • Supported 1st and 2nd year engineering students, improving their confidence and skills in mathematics and statistics, crucial for their academic success.


  • Conducted one-to-one sessions with mentees, providing personalised support suited to individual needs.

Development of Soft Robotics Implant for Short Bowel Syndrome

Summer Internship

Insigneo Institute, The University of Sheffield

July 2022 - September 2022 (8 Weeks)

  • Executed a thorough literature review of 30+ articles on soft robotic implants, specifically on treating Short Bowel Syndrome, gaining insights into the syndrome’s aetiology, symptoms, risks, diagnoses, and impacts.


  • Acquired practical skills and expert training on soft robotics implants, such as the use of medical-grade silicone for development, operating a Shimadzu tensile tester for strain measurement, utilising vacuum chambers for silicone de-bubbling, 3D printing for implant mould production, and oven curing of moulded silicone implants.


  • Engineered, designed, and produced 5+ bespoke implant prototypes in compliance with specific clinical requirements; developed 3+ design variations for statistical comparison to determine the most efficient design that minimally affects other apertures when one (or more) hole is pressurised.


  • Performed an in-depth evaluation of prototype performance using measures like elongation capacity and force output, implemented a hardware control system with closed-loop control for enhanced efficiency, and produced a project summary poster, briefing the overall findings and developments of the project.

Transitioning to Renewable Energy in Aviation

Engineering You're Hired 2022

The University of Sheffield

February 2022 (1 Week)

  • Collaborated with 5 multidisciplinary engineers to address sustainability challenges in aviation by reducing fossil fuel usage; proposed integration of an electric version of ATR 72-600 into the fleet by 2050.


  • Awarded distinction (1 of 5 out of 48) and 2nd place out of 8 groups.


  • Prepared technical bid report evaluating 7 factors including power choice, safety, and infrastructure modifications by allocating 9 tasks among 5 members based on their interests and technical expertise.


  • Received excellent feedback from 5 industry experts.


  • Conducted research on aviation battery requirements, feasible charging methods, and energy density needs to conclude that Lithium-Air batteries are ‘best in class’ for electric aviation.

Water Management in Lobitos and Piedritas

Global Enigineering Challenge 2021

The University of Sheffield

January 2021 - February 2021 (1 Week)

  • Led 5 cross-faculty students to conduct STEEPLE analysis, develop and evaluate 4 engineering designs, and perform 6 in-depth calculations to increase water supply reliability by 150% (6 hrs/wk to 15 hrs/wk). 


  • Achieved 75% cost savings over traditional methods.


  • Devised a weighted scoring matrix with 8 criteria to assess the commercial and engineering feasibility of 4 solutions; prioritized sustainability and cost to select a solution for the detailed design phase.


  • Identified 5 critical risks out of 8 potential risks by constructing a probability and severity matrix; developed risk mitigation strategy to minimise the overall risk impact score for the selected solution.


  • Engaged with 4 academic experts to achieve 2 opportunities in the project resulting in 10% cost-savings.


  • Attained 100% satisfaction rate from the team for organising 2 daily check-in meetings to track progress, identify bottlenecks and prioritize tasks on critical path; successfully completed project within the 1-week deadline.